Authenticity - Volume One

Authenticity - Volume One
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Volume One of the first in a series of recordings. We titled this release "Authenticity" to allow the artists to do what they do best in whatever genre works. We have a wonderful diverse set of sounds in this first compilation and we are thrilled and appreciative of each artist’s efforts. We hope you take the time to follow the artists oas their links are provided. They need your support.

So yes the intent is to keep this going with additional volumes. Our hope is that the artists will connect and we can continue to build all of our micro communities. Thanks for taking the time to listen and read this. We truly appreciate you. 💜

This is a compilation of some of Acef Stripe's favorite artists and I (David Svrjcek) have no ownership of this material, which has been donated for the benefit of the compilation. Any proceeds from this compensation will be donated to a local Colorado charity that feeds and/or shelters those without homes. I will do my best to match dollar for dollar. The music and whatever additional media (e.g., video) involved in this compilation is owned by the respective artists. Basically, this is a non-profit labor of love curated by Acef Stripe.

13 track Album
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