Back In The Swing
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The Outer Circle drops their eleventh release in the shape of two deep driving underground tracks from Craig Hamilton. The Outer Circle label boss delivers irresistible late night vibes perfect for losing yourself on the dancefloor.

The release kicks off with ‘Back In The Swing’, a track laced with deep textures, infectious rhythms and a slick sonic palette underpinned by vocals that give this an underground, after-dark appeal that progresses seamlessly from the club to the after-hours.

‘Timeless’ grabs you from the first beat invoking a hypnotic state of mind. Immersive atmospheric pads ebb and flow with staccato chord stabs providing the perfect counterpoint. Crisp percussive elements over a deep driving bassline will have heads nodding as intricate spoken word samples keep listeners engaged on the dancefloor.

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