Illegal Toolz

 Illegal Toolz
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"Illegal Toolz" by Bambra brings stomping, dark, crunchy, distorted, beats and noise. It explores the use of distortion and noise in music that the artist has always wanted to do to an extreme in his strange electronic music concoctions; this can be heard in Illegal Toolz with its voracious bass, heavy laid beats and synthesised-generated noise. Noise Is Life is a dark and deep noise project with sharp rhythmic sounds leading the way. The drum sound is a dark industrial delight, but also with a little sinister edge to it as well. The last track called X-Sounds takes up the stereo spectrum of this single with its crunchy sound and hard-hitting snare and kick. It also has recorded found sounds from a cemetery that have been processed and made abstract and unnatural like some weird creature shriek from beneath that gravestone you just stepped on. This release is a step forward for Bambra in 2018, into being more experimental with his music production and hijacking whatever tempo he feels like.

"Great beat of the industrial hammer overlaid by haunting sound" - Coresonic

Produced, arranged & mixed by Bambra.

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