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That is a collaboration between Bambra and Yodest. 'Dead Resources' was made on base Yodest's idea. 'We Are All In Hell' was made on base Bambra's idea.

Dead Resources and We Are All In Hell by Bambra and Yodest is the first dark industrial single from these musicians. The two tracks try to enact the pain and poverty and deprivation and utter lack of meaning in some dystopia world where a deadly virus has been unleashed into the world’s population.

The first track Dead Resources has its sounds in the gutter where law and order are breaking down and total anarchy is happening. On top features field recordings, emergency sounds from an urban city and a thumping low bass kick with dark synths to give it a more tragic atmosphere.

We Are All In Hell is noise experimentation but ultimately made for the Power Electronics genre. It captures the so-called new normal after covid lockdown and the fears that it will bring a new control system like something out of a sci-fi film. Bound and gagged in an open prison. Nobody will escape this new totalitarian system. Slaves to a new age that’s what the aggressive tare-out sound is panned to the right, a very loud burst of noise pushing through the pain threshold exceeding red accompanied by a pulsating bass and heavy kick driving your soul to the ground.

A digital prison for the mind or just another digital music release from the dark side of the arts. It's terrible sounding or is it an audio terror sound for the resistance?

Dead Resources We Are All In Hell

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