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"Struck" is a small collection of tracks prominently featuring my antique upright piano, brought together to celebrate Piano Day 2021.


Early in 2020 I found a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a free antique upright piano. If you've ever been in the market for a secondhand piano you might notice that many people are just giving them away for free, mainly because they are cumbersome and costly to move. "Free" is a bit misleading.

So I found myself the proud owner of a genuine Cable Company of Chicago upright piano made in 1904. Shortly thereafter, a sweeping pandemic took over the world and I suddenly found myself more acquainted with this lovely antique. It has been over a year since I've picked it up, and couldn't be happier. Noisy hammers, a stuck Low A, a damper pedal that works on almost all of the notes. It has character. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate it into my music. it has changed how I compose and experience music.

I wanted to participate in Piano Day this year because I feel like I finally have something to contribute. This is my musical offering and I hope you love it. Please leave a comment!

~Michael Southard (Time Rival)

credits released March 29, 2021

Written, performed, produced & mastered by Michael Southard Artwork by Michael Southard

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