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Lucian Noir: Unveiling "C.K.D." - A Foray into the Abyss

Kassel, Germany - In the shadows of the vibrant German art scene emerges Lucian Noir, a gothic artist whose presence has long been whispered among the cobblestone streets. Today marks a significant turn in the tides as Noir unveils his debut single, "C.K.D".

Lucian Noir, a figure shrouded in mystery, crafts his art from the depths of the night, where darkness and light blend into a tapestry of sounds. "C.K.D." is an invocation, a portal into Noir's enigmatic world where every note and every silence speaks volumes of the unspoken.

Lucian Noir remains an enigma, choosing to communicate solely through his art. "C.K.D." is the first whisper in what promises to be a symphony of shadows, inviting listeners to step into the darkness and discover the beauty that lies within.

credits released February 11, 2024 Music Written and Performed by: Lucian Noir

all rights reserved

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