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Lentz' supreme mastery of the spacey arpeggio, and wrapping them ingeniously around beats that make you rock like a fool, even when you're typing an album review, doesn't flip the excellent formula on its head. She seeks constant improvement, and hones her producer chops, as a result, she's put together one of your favourite records of 2024.

George Ernst (Triplicate Records): Which days in particular is the album title celebrating? If indeed the title is celebratory?

Abigail Lentz (Le Morte d'Abby): Anytime anyone reminisces. Or speaks of the state of the world in some point in history. Or tries to complain that the world today is worse than it was “back then”. In Those Days, things were…

GE: What's your favourite track on the record? I love the weirdness of 'Woe to the Earth', particularly half way through when it starts to sort of fold in on itself.

AL: Woe to the Earth was a track I made right after the 5.0 FW update for Arturia’s MicroFreak came out. Used it, several of the presets that came with the update, and Arturia’s Dist Coldfire plugin. I did it while I was playing around with the new options. It’s hard to say which is my favorite. The more tracks I do the more I understand what I want and how to get it. I like Seed of the Woman for the fact that it’s about as basic one can get. But I would probably go with Et tu. It’s amazing what kind of “solo” an arp generator set to random can create with a little preparation and adjustment.

GE: I say this every time, but this is too good. Where the hell do you go from here?

AL: I keep going. With every release I try new things. And I learn more. And I get constructive criticism and feedback to make the next one better. And the more I do the more amazing artists I meet and connect with.

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