ブ​ラ​ッ​ク​魔​王 - Burakku Demon King

ブ​ラ​ッ​ク​魔​王 - Burakku Demon King
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Includes streaming plus high-quality mp3 and lossless downloads.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Yuri Pierini (Antares) @ Slack Studios

Produced by The Dick Dastardly's, SFA Records, Slack Records

Illustration by Marco Bacoli Designed by Marco Bacoli & Gianmarco Paolucci

All songs written by The Dick Dastardly's except for Fucked Up Ronnie by DOA credits released March 21, 2019

PUNK - Vocals MENGO - Guitar & Backing Vocals ANDREA - Guitar & Backing Vocals STEVE - Guitar & Backing Vocals POCH - Bass BACO - Drums & Backing Vocals

10 track Album
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