The Higher Trip EP

The Higher Trip EP
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Four house music classic cuts from the late 90s, selected and remastered for today’s DJ sets and sound systems.

Impulsion was a French electronic music duo active in the ’90s, formed by Christophe Monier (The Micronauts) and Pascal Restoux (DJ Pascal R). They developed their own blend of hard house influenced by the new wave of their youth and by acid house, which they had discovered together in the late 80s via Chicago imports.

“Rock That House Musiq” was released in 1997 on Brighton label Loaded, and became an iconic track on the amyl house and big beat scene. Years later, it would serve as the soundtrack to an anthology scene in the film “It’s All Gone Pete Tong”.

It’s here in its Nature version, Monier’s solo deep house project. This rare mix recorded in 1996 was only available on the French pressing of the single (under the name “’Ouse Musiq”).

Impulsion released the album “Love Addict” in 1998 on Small, a Sony France label, with a UK version the following year on the London label Independiente. To remix the singles taken from the album, the band turned to two of its musical heroes, paying tribute to the scene from which it emerged.

“The Trip” was remixed by DJ Pierre. This Chicago native, whose real name is Nathaniel Pierre Jones, is a living legend. He invented acid house in 1985 with “Acid Tracks”, released two years later under the name Phuture. He went on to help define the house sound of the 90s with his “Wild Pitch” style.

True to form, DJ Pierre delivers an epic, unapologetic filtered-disco remix, offered here in its final, longest, never-before-released version, which ends with an extra 5 minutes of DJ-friendly “Bonus Beats”.

“Higher” was remixed by Kings Of Tomorrow. This Nuyorican outfit, led by Sandy Rivera with, back then, Jay “Sinister” Sealée, is among the finest garage producers and wrote numerous standards of the genre, such as “Finally”, “Set My Spirit Free” and “Let It Go”.

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