The Age of Remote Controlled Zombies

The Age of Remote Controlled Zombies
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You are not a human, you're a profile, You've got no talent, you've got skills, Nor a consumer, you are a target, ain't no interesting, you are just funny.

The world is a movie set on air 24/7. Human interaction does not matter only scores in the charts of the antennas. Your cellphone is your shackle and a weapon. You are a potential danger when you bump into a stranger with a weapon in your pocket you can use it as a rocket. The smile is not genuine any longer, just a shield to keep you covered.

The planet turned into a big game, only scoring matters, not your name. Fake back tappings is the best you get, authenticity and genuinity is a must forget.

And the vultures keep buying all, numbers aligned for their balls. Same run the quiz, same buy and squeeze Forget about your little bizz. If its up in the charts you are doomed to open your ass with any reward. Maybe just some money aside while feed the monster with another pop up. Worse than crack will never be fed up, next in the list will be skrenched up.

Your cellphone is your shackle and a weapon!

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