Music For Moore Street Substation

Music For Moore Street Substation
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    Music For Moore Street Substation
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    01 Dec 23
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When we discovered that we could use the top floor of the Moore Street Substation for the exhibition of My Brutal Life, we couldn't believe our luck. For us, this brutalist icon is a perfect fit for My Brutal Life, so we decided immediately to lean into the unique nature of the building.

It's one of our favourite brutalist buildings in Sheffield and provides a massive space for the event. It's rarely open to the public and often shrouded in mystery. Many people, even locals, don't know what the building is.

The space did, however, have problems. The soundcheck for the audio revealed a particular issue - the immense space has a massive natural reverberation of over 9.7 seconds. The original album and soundtrack for My Brutal Life wouldn't work in this environment, with the bass and drums creating an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia. We returned to the studio to remix the existing tracks and create new pieces to fit this space. We wanted people to feel comfortable and spend time with the art.

As a result, we had a very different soundtrack to the original, so we've decided to release the full audio as it was heard in the Moore Street Substation.

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