Journey of a Dying Girl

Journey of a Dying Girl
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    Journey of a Dying Girl
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    16 Jul 21
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You hadn't planned for it to happen, you were just playing outside like most children did in those days, and then the brutal attack that left you hovering at the threshold between life and death.

You were aware of your impending death but, simultaneously, there was something else happening, an exit from this dimension to another plane of existence where you encountered an all-encompassing supernatural presence, she called herself the guardian of the sky and she told you that it wasn't your time to go.

You returned to this life with much trepidation and sadness, rebelling against love and hope until the moment came and you realized that you had a greater purpose here, something to overcome all the bitterness and rebellion, and it was your mission to give the dying hope and love during their journeys from this life to the next.

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