Lovers (Risperson Remix)

Lovers (Risperson Remix)
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We are celebrating summer with this sun-drenched remix from Risperson, which is the solo musical venture of Oscar Borschmann from Brisbane, also known as part of First Beige, the Brisbane based 6-piece premier outfit drawing upon jazzy colours and textural synth layers.

Armed with a modest home studio and the production advice of a few Reddit threads, he seeks to bring his love of lush, nostalgic and dubbed-out indie sounds into an upbeat, electronic future. His remix of Lovers shows his impeccable production skills on taking soulful music with more sunshine to the dancefloors.

He created a beautiful good vibe mid-tempo groove consisting of a synth-bassline, sampled chops from the original song, some house drums and a beautiful saxophone solo as cherry on the cake. Borschmann simply knows how to let out the sunshine.

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