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In our previous album MALEDICTION, we explored the concept of Savael, a truly maleficent entity that possessed the angel Lucifer, consumed his corpse, and became the embodiment of who we call Satan.

Savael, however, was not an anomaly, nor was he a single omnipotent being, working on his own volition.

In fact, he was but a mere droid in a complex hierarchy of vile entities, known as The Ce’naxors.

They are crafted, and programmed to infiltrate distant planets and societies, to infect their purity with darkness, and ensure their carefully orchestrated annihilation is carried out. Savael was dispatched from their planet, which lies in the Fifth Dimension, called Cyru’xil in order to fulfill their cosmic design for Earth.

INVERSION OF THE UNSEEN HORIZON explores the origins of The Ce’naxors and the ominous landscape of their home planet, Cyru’xil, revealing their Arkitekt’s grand scheme for multiversal decimation and atomical consumption.

The Unseen Horizon is their planet, their beings and their plan. The Inversion intimates it coming into view, from an otherwise hidden perspective. ◘◘ All music & lyrics written by: DEFORMATORY

Music for In The Embervoid Where Dead Stars Reign written by DEFORMATORY & Dan Rogers

Solo and classical guitar for Impaled Upon The Carrionspire by Jon Levasseur

Additional vocals on Summoning The Cosmic Devourer by MPL

Mixed & mastered by: Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recording

Drum recording and guitar reamping done at: Apartment 2 Recording Guitars & vocals recorded at The Cell

Album artwork by: Paul Gerrard Additional artwork by: -Chris Cold ( -Adrian Baxter (