Megalith Rising

Megalith Rising
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I've been planning on a few releases for a while, just to get the ball rolling, so here we go. This is the first of a series of tracks describing the appearance of mysterious objects throughout the solar system, called the Megaliths.

"Megalith Rising" is the start of the journey. The Megaliths rose from the depths of space, quantum ripples breaking across their surface. We sent probes and launched vessels of discovery to speak with them, hoping to understand their intent. But they were silent, boiling the fields surrounding them, impenetrable and immovable.

What were they made of? Where did they come from? And, perhaps more worrying, who built them?

This track was made in 2022 using a combination of my guitar, modular synths and Ableton, and recorded in my goblin cave in the heart of Essex.

Synths - Eurorack Modular, Moog Grandmother, AFX Station Guitars - Pedalboard, Custom HH Telecaster Drums - Eurorack Modular, GGD

All music and production by Chris Adam. Artwork by Chris Adam.

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