森​罗​万​象 (Shinrabansho)

森​罗​万​象 (Shinrabansho)
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We're coming with this Nirvana phoenix to keep everyone waiting. The first full-length album of Bliss-Illusion (虚极), 森罗万象 (Shinrabansho) officially released via Infected Blood Records (CD) and Totemism Productions (LP) in 2018. In 2019, the french label, Anesthetize Production release the western version in 6 panel digipack. In 2022, the Indonesian label Harsh productions released a K7 version, then the Time Tombs label a new LP version mastered by Déhà for autumn 2023.

两年前我们许下了一个约定,如今我们带着这只涅槃的凤凰前来,让大家久等了,由污血唱片荣誉发行的虚极乐队 (Bliss-Illusion)首张全长专辑《森罗万象》(Shinrabansho)正式发行! 专辑普通版共收录了八首正式作品,总时长44:41,20页可临摹歌词本,限量300。专辑特别版限量200份,另含一张收录三首未发表作品的压制CD,总时长14:11,包括32页精装本的主唱水树的个人诗集/摄影集《娑婆·宮》。

11 track Album
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