Indian Tribez EP

Indian Tribez EP
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Viso Techno Recordings invited to this 7th release a collaboration with more 4 amazing remixes of the track, this is a tribal techno grooving EP.

Track 1 Songwriter: Miguel Simões Composer: Miguel Simões Producer: Miguel Simões

Artist / Performer: D'Mike

Country of Recording: Portugal generationaudio.co.uk mastering

Track 2 Songwriter: Miguel Simões Composer: Andrej Belak Producer: Miguel Simões, Andrej Belak

Artist / Performer: D'Mike Remixer: Andy BSK Country of Recording: Slovakia

ISRC Artist Track Name SKI202300094 D'Mike Indian Tribez (Andy BSK Remix)

Registered in: SOZA (Slovak Performing Rights Society) Registered in: SLOVGRAM (Slovak Artists Rights Society)

Tracks mastered by DJ Misjah @ 24mastering


Track 3 Songwriter: Miguel Simões Composer: Peter Hoang Producer: Miguel Simões, Peter Hoang

Artist / Performer: D'Mike Remixer: Dragon Hoang Country of Recording: Slovakia

Track 4 Songwriter: Miguel Simões Composer: Kelvin Colling Producer: Miguel Simões, Kelvin Colling

Artist / Performer: D'Mike Remixer: Felix R Country of Recording: Australia

Track 5 Songwriter: Miguel Simões Composer: Richard Parker, Fiona Fitzpatrick Producer: Miguel Simões, Richard Parker, Fiona Fitzpatrick

Artist / Performer: D'Mike Remixer: TRINITY TECHNO IRELAND Country of Recording: Ireland generationaudio.co.uk mastering

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