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Crafted out of passion and precision united, a love for the genre, the scene, and a clear ability to finely design and designate a piece of music to its sole purpose, ‘No Reason To Be Disturbed EP’, makes for an out-of-body listen that works in and of itself as the late-night playlist the lifelong techno fan craves.

As an introduction, the title-track builds up with presence, power and pace – rising from the bare essentials towards the distorted synth appeal of a heavy and hypnotic drop. Weave in a select few vocal fragments and details to further this evolution, and the completed post-six-minute journey refuses to loosen its grip throughout.

‘Future Tears’ follows and there’s warmth and bass-thick reverberation intertwined with echoes of distant melody – a sudden grip of intention. Venturing into a highly emotional, even haunting arena of energy and sound – a rising and falling, wave-like wash of melancholy and uncertainty.

Softening the blow somewhat is the unmistakable historical context and relentless rhythm of ‘Ravey Days on Mondays’, complete with its briefly cut and compiled intricacies of nineties dance and voice and movement. There’s optimism here, euphoria and sheer joy as the memories and connections come pouring through.

‘H-Core’ brings things to an intriguing finish, maintaining the essential building blocks of tempo and production character, injecting new hits though – of voice, purpose, effect and growing anticipation. Swallowing the listener entirely, the peak of an implied nitrous hit as escapism intensifies and the rhythm limitlessly picks up.

‘No Reason To Be Disturbed’ acts not only as a reminder of the focus, skill and dedication that David LaFhionntain brings to modern and timeless techno, but also as an introduction to some of his most compelling and memorable compositions yet.

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