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Drawing inspiration from acid techno and hard techno alike, producer and DJ, David LaFhionntain, offers up a fusion of classic and creatively groundbreaking styles. 
 Consistently showcasing a level of eclecticism and skill that effectively works hard to re-frame and reinvent contemporary hardcore rave music, LaFhionntain’s latest work is set to cement his role as one of the UK’s most innovative and dedicated new producers. 
 Uniting dreamlike ambiances with infectious and relentless rhythms, the London-based creative’s uniquely expressive and idiosyncratic approach makes for a fresh sound that’s currently lighting up the outer edges of electronic music production. Carving out a memorable name for himself, with a fine balance between passion and unquestionable knowledge of the art-form, LaFhionntain brings a brand new flavour to addictively heavy basslines and progressive loops. 
 Where much of modern music has all but failed its longest standing fans, David LaFhionntain steps up to recapture the imagination – to rebuild that relationship, and remind us all of the energizing power of authentic, thoughtfully crafted techno.

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