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Meet Ninelives, the enigmatic force behind the PARACOSM Record Label Bringing euphoric melodies, dirty Acidlines and pumping basslines, he is pioneering a modern retro sound in the world of hard trance. Born in Coventry and now residing in the countryside town of Westbury, United Kingdom, Ninelives is a sonic alchemist who weaves dreams into reality through the power of heavy trance music.


From an early age, Ninelives was captivated by the electrifying energy of electronic music pulsating through the streets of Coventry. Inspired by the raw emotion and driving rhythms of the underground hardcore scene, he immersed himself in the world of production and DJing, honing his craft and forging his own unique sound.

The Sound of Ninelives:

Ninelives' sound is a fusion of raw energy, melodic euphoria, and driving beats that transports listeners to a realm of pure ecstasy. With a keen ear for captivating melodies and a mastery of intricate rhythms, he crafts sets that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, leaving crowds spellbound and craving more.

From Studio to Stage:

In addition to his prowess behind the decks, Ninelives is also a formidable producer, with a discography that boasts a myriad of hard-hitting tracks and remixes that have garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike. From anthemic club bangers to soul-stirring ballads, his productions showcase a versatility and depth that set him apart in the world of hard trance.

The Future of Hard Trance through the creative eyes of PARACOSM (label):

he continues to push the boundaries of his craft, Ninelives remains dedicated to championing the hard trance movement. With his sights set on conquering new heights and reaching even greater audiences, the future is bright for this rising star.

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