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Exeter, United Kingdom

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After three decades on and off the stage and several albums released by the likes of Riot Season (UK) and Echodelick (US), the musical career of Rob Herian (former frontman of Elks, Early Mammal, Falling Floors) takes a more reclusive yet lyrical turn as MoonLikeSun. This solo, multi-instrumental project, coming from the depths of south-west England, is the result of a slower and quieter if not always less intensely felt life.

MoonLikeSun’s music draws inspiration from country folk rock doyens like Tommy Flanders, Gene Clark, Stephen Stills, and Tim Buckley, and other masters of the gentle but insistent art of melody like Hope Sandoval, John Cale, Bryan Ferry, and Lee Mavers.

The songs of MoonLikeSun are sparse yet bold stories, unfolding and evoking cinematic landscapes.

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