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Jacqueline King (Mister Lady) is a DJ and music producer who makes dance music born in the desert. Specializing in Techno, Melodic Techno, and Electronica, Mister Lady was born in Chicago, educated in Berlin, trained as a DJ in London and currently resides in Los Angeles. She has performed in London (UK), Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Goa (IN), and Bengaluru (IN). Mister Lady draws from a huge catalog of musical influences which find their way into her sets. She has two independently released Techno EPs, four Techno singles and more on the way. Currently, Mister Lady has opened as support for Ramiro Lopez (Drumcode), Stephan Jolk (Afterlife), Uto Karem (Agile Recordings) and Amol Reon (GrooveNine Records).

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