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Irish born, Berlin based Millhouse has been bangin’ out the tunes for over 20 years, playing in venues across Europe alongside many of the world’s top DJ’s, continuously showing his musical dynamics in mixing and producing machine based techno. He’s well-known and respected for his energetic ability to play the freshest techno tracks with his love for solid base beats and driving basslines always making his sets highly entertaining.

Originally into the tougher edged hard house scene, this talented maniac has been DJing since he was 16 years old. However, a lot changed for him musically in late 2002 after he was blown away by the skills of Dave Clarke. He feverishly started buying techno records, going to all of Clarke’s gigs he could get to for hero worship and rapidly fell down the techno rabbit hole. His hard house fetish had had its day.

He eventually started producing techno with a friend, tinkering around with Reason, but it soon become serious after hearing Diarmaid O’ Meara play at a gig where he met him and Luke Creed, they all got along from the get go and it became a pivotal moment in his life.

Soon after in 2013 he made the decision to move to Berlin to work closer with Diarmaid and the Gobsmacked Records label, eventually taking over as its manager, organising the artists, selecting the music and curating gigs with many of techno’s biggest hitters.

Millhouse’s releases kicked off in 2010 collaborating with Luke Creed on Kamikaze Records and since then his music has appeared on immense labels including Gobsmacked, Gomboc, Variant, Hydraulix and RIOT Radio Records. Millhouse has received enormous amount of airplay from some of the biggest stars of the techno world, Dave Clarke for one being a staunch advocate of his music.

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