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Through tricked out electronics, dramatic vocals and glam-quirk playfulness, Joanie's moving past musical theater shadows into the technicolor thrill that's the pioneering hallmark of avant-garde electronic pop. A self made alternative reality in music, vision and soul.

Mexican-born artist, Joanie, crafts electronic songs as weird as they are emotionally resonant. Her music blends pop sensibilities with left-field experimentation, creating sonic tapestries to support powerful vocals, which sound like a mix between Florence Welch and Kate Bush.

Her artistic journey began as a child on stage, honing her vocals and performance skills in music theatre and opera productions. After 23 years in live performance, she took a break to attend Berklee College of Music, graduating with a major in electronic production and design, and a minor in acoustics and electronics. Joanie draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists. From the compositional & electronic mastery of Aaron Copland and Amon Tobin to the vocals of Yma Sumac and Kathleen Battle. Joanie's lyrics delve into themes of loss, love, tyranny, fear and spirituality, offering encouragement and empowerment.

She's an acclaimed producer whose talents garnered a Gracie Award for her skills in audio imaging/branding. Joanie is not just a sonic architect; she continues to perform with a reputation for energetic live shows. She's performed in bands, as lead vocalist, opening for artists like Billy F. Gibbons, Vanilla Fudge, Three Dog Night, and singing alongside artists Franky Perez, and Buck Dharma of Blue Blue Öyster Cult.

"You don't need a 'unique synth sound' or 'effects chain' for listeners to know it's your music. YOU are the unique instrument! Only YOU feel sadness, or any other emotion, the way YOU do. Express that… and people will be able to identify your music as you, even if all the world has left to make music with, is a kazoo." - Joanie

Embrace the weird and find the beauty within with Joanie's music.

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