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Igor Lisul
Kikinda, Serbia

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Igor Lisul is a selftaught lefthanded guitarist from Kikinda, Serbia. He began his guitar journey at the age 10. He attended the elementary music school where he learned the basics of music notation. During his high school days Igor toured with his band in Vojvodina, mostly northeastern part of Serbia. He began creating his guitar soloing style at his late teens, practicing for 6-7 hours per day. In 2010. he was the finalist of popular show "Serbia's got talent". In 2011 he was the finalist at the competition of Guitar Art Expo, which took place in Belgrade. In 2012. he participated as the music background on ART MARKET exibition in Belgrade and on exibition in "Renata" Gallery in Novi Sad. However Igor considers year 2020. as the real beginning of his career, by publishing his album "Pages Of Our Lives". Ever since then, by releasing several full lenght albums, EPs and single and by finalazing the creation of his guitar soloing style, Igor has been featured on quite a lot music sites and online magazines across the internet. Also, in July 2023. Igor managed to self-publish his on guitar soloing lessons course entitled "The School of Rock". However, despite creating his own guitar soloing style, Igor's composition put accent mainly on melody. His guitar sings about love,peace,soul,friendship,nature and other beautiful things that heart can feel, imagine and see.

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