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Arctic synth pads, ghostly reverbs and urban spleen, Hørd's music firts with a gothic/darkwave aesthetic in a forward-thinking way. His sound emcompasses elements of post-punk, EBM, shoegaze and techno to create haunting soundscapes, sometimes beat-driven, sometimes more contemplative.

Hørd is Sebastien Carl’s project, a french videographer, singer, sound designer and electronic musician. One can feel his multimedia state of mind through the immersive quality of his deep gloomy tracks, oscillating between epicness and sorrow. Since 2014, Hørd has brought its foggy atmospheres live on stage from Italy to Russia, as well as releasing music on highly regarded imprints like Avant! Records, Giallo Disco or Sacred Court (home of dark techno prodigy SNTS).

«The label Giallo Disco Records have described the music as “Reverb-Soaked Urban-Gothic Melancholic songs, between synth-shoegaze and violent EBM,” and believe the album will “will resonate strongly with fans of Pornography-era The Cure, Joy Division and classic Nine Inch Nails.” To our ears we hear strains of early Tropic of Cancer and dare we say Pet Shop Boys, and overall, as you’ll be able to tell from the album preview below, it’s a well informed reincarnation of what makes the synth, minimal and no wave genres so appealing today.» Juno Download (2016)

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