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Highway 307
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Created in 2012 has been kept in the underground; but for 2022 has almost 30 tracks released under Mexican Labels 1101 Records, Codec One, Stmul8 Music, Riviera Underground, Kief Music, RH Music; Fine Rithyms plus Homewerx from New York, Natura Soul from Colombia, Black Turtle from Spain and Stoned Stork from Swiss. As a dj he has shared the stage with Marco Bailey, Noir, Martin Eyerer, Neverdogs, Daniel Sanchez, Rowen Clark, Deeper Purpuse, Rafa Barrios, Wally Lopez, The Mekanism, Mandy, Harvy Valencia, Alexkid, MONROE, Ben A, Vedic, Adam Gibbons + Mexicans and local talents like Concret, Zombies in Miami, Omar Labastida, Tini Tun, Hot Mood, Andy Peimbert, Groove Killah, Nelson Cuberli, Zuckre, The Funk District, Niño Arbol, and many more.

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