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Fyahkoal, often referred to as the son of the Black Panther and the musical genius, producer . Charbonnier Rodrigue, Twix/Twixymilla aka FyahKoal, was born January 16, 1982 on the island of St. Martin (FWI). It was there he did his primary schooling and later forwarded to Guadeloupe, with his mom and sister to continue his studies. He began chanting with a few brethren from St. Martin in a group called “the Massif Crew”. They held their gatherings in a small studio and would link up for annual summer vacations. During this time, Charbonnier went by the name Twix or Twixymilla.

Similar to many island youth, Fyah grew up surrounded with music from his grandmother’s church choir services. He additionally was exposed to culture by way of listening to the radio. Listening to reggae and root dub dancehall music growing as a teenager, he gravitated to the melodic beats and rhythms.
As Fyah focused on mastering his craft, he was ironically introduced to Hon. John Marcus. It was like a divine alignment that the same person he had been watching in videos became a great mentor and true brethren to him. Fyah began working with the many artists around Judgment Yard at Chop Chop Productions studio. A master graphic designer, he began incorporating promotional artwork for Marcus and the artists. Many works can be found on his Instagram account: @fyahkoalbeats. This is something FyahKoal always cherishes as a gift from the Most High.

The first riddim he actually produced for Chop Chop Productions was the Good Good Love Riddim. Fyah has been involved in various live shows such as: Youth Explosion Nights 1999 in St. Martin, Jamsky at Cult Pub Geneva, Pomeys 69 in Lyon, France, Defligz Night Annecy France 2012 with the Original Breakfast Industries, Wicked Band. He is working on various projects and other items for television.

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