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Graz/Südossteiermark, Austria

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FRÆNK is an emerging DJ and producer from Austria, specializing in the genres of Hard Techno and Industrial Techno. He has been active in the music scene since 2012 and started performing his sets in 2016. His home club is Bunker Graz, where he regularly performs and gathers a loyal fan base.

Early on, FRÆNK discovered his passion for electronic music and began producing his own tracks. Over time, he developed his unique style, characterized by hard and driving beats, dark atmospheres, and experimental sounds. His music is defined by raw energy and relentless intensity that immerses the audience in a true frenzy.

As a newcomer in the scene, FRÆNK has already achieved some successes. His tracks have been supported by renowned labels such as ROOM307 RECORDS and ALZT Records. His music has made a name for itself in the Hard Techno and Industrial Techno scene and is gaining popularity.

In addition to his production work, FRÆNK has also made a name for himself as a talented DJ. His sets are known for their energetic atmosphere and ability to captivate the audience. With his technical skills and musical selection, he creates a unique mood and gets the crowd dancing.

Bunker Graz is FRÆNK's home club, where he regularly performs and delights his fans with his captivating sets. His performances at Bunker Graz have earned him a loyal fan base and made him a sought-after act in the Austrian Techno scene.

FRÆNK is a promising newcomer in the Hard Techno and Industrial Techno scene. With his passion for music and unique style, he will continue to shape the electronic music landscape and thrill his fans with his energetic music.

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