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Greetings and welcome to EAR Deep. *Our primary objective at EAR Deep is to curate the most exceptional music that captures the essence of Underground Deep House and Organic House. Our founders, Alan Colonnetti and Sydney Westrick, derive inspiration from the vast Deep House back catalogue of EmbarrassedArts Records. This extensive source of reference empowers us to handpick and shape the future of the sounds and vibes of our selected genre. At EAR Deep, we focus on steering away from mainstream music and instead concentrate on discovering new and exciting artists and sounds. Our commitment to exploring uncharted territory helps us to offer a unique and refreshing musical experience. We take pride in our ability to select and showcase the best music that embodies the true spirit of Underground Deep House and Organic House. Thank you for choosing EAR Deep, and we look forward to sharing our passion for music with you.

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