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Corfu, Greece

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Astro D / Dim Day Astro - D aka ( Dim Day ) is a Hellas based multi genre music project . With several full length albums and tons of singles and EPs released this world trotting act continues to gain momentum across the planet with solid productions, memorable anthems, and top collaborations and remixes with many of the worlds leading bands. In his nonstop touring Astro - D has had the distinct honor to have played alongside top notch Psy acts as: Laughing Buddha / Max Etnica / Hux Flux / Miranda / Tristan / Logic Bomb / Mechanimal / Pulsar / Talamasca / M-Theory / Cosmosis / Total Eclipse / Juno Reactor / Outsiders and many more. In 2019 Astro D performed at (Ozora Festival) in California U.S.A and joined exclusive with the Hellenic based agency Medussa Bookings. Worth mentioning are the officially supported and highly acclaimed releases of remixes that were created under his fingertips for artists like: Etnica / Astral Projection / Shakta / Cosmosis / Overlords / Manmademan / Ubar Tmar / Prana / Braincell / Hux Flux / Logic Bomb/. After the success with the 2ond album "Party Alien", a new album is about to be released including collabs and remixes with Logic Bomb,M-Theory,Joti Sidhu aka Psychaos,Cosmosis,Etnica and more… So, get ready to be blasted again Astrodelic coming Soon... Prepare yourself! The fuse is once again lit... Show less

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