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It is because of his love and passion for Deep House music that Alvaro Hylander keeps moving forward, with every year that passes adding more experience and dedication to the music. Currently based in Denmark, Alvaro hails from southern Spain. Since he started producing in 2005, Hylander has been able to forge a strong connection between his sound and his self as he works on finding a perfect balance of deep, groovy, and organic that has given him his unmistakable sound. Alvaro Hylander's unfaltering efforts in delivering untainted Deep House music has lead him to appearing on various labels alongside heading his own longstanding label, DeepWit Recordings. With many of his tracks making it into various genre Top 100s in both Beatport and Traxsource, he is a name both recognized and respected in the underground. You can expect nothing but the highest quality productions and sensuous grooves in the coming years from Alvaro Hylander.

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