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Milano, Italy

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Diegomaria De Rienzo aka SHISTO is an architect, self-taught musician, DJ and vinyl collector since 1998. From his earliest productions to the founding of the A/V collective 3DMcrew in 2006, SHISTO has always interpreted the art of DJing and studio production techniques as a mere form of expression, as one of the many languages with which to experiment and communicate his own compositional ideas and theories, his own utopias. The abstraction in musical terms of this research leads SHISTO to produce a sound full of contrasts and nuances, at times eclectic and at others one-dimensional. Starting from Ambient/Drone and touching on the harsher sounds of Noise, the sound performance rediscovers Downtempo melodies, Future Dub beats, reinforces itself in Abstract syncopated rhythms and powerful Dub Step bass lines until accelerating into a visceral Techno, evoking the most uncontaminated landscapes of planet earth and the deepest sounds sedimented in it. He founded in Milan in 2023, together with drummer Daniele Salutari aka Black Violent Club, the independent label NOBASE records where research enters the field of self-built and electro-acoustic, drone and ambient-noise sound matrices influenced by hybrid improvisation techniques and a DJ background.

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