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Snow Energy was an album I released way back on November 24th, 2019 and as the time passes by I like it more and more. I'm still surprised by what I was able to pull off after just a year of making music in a proper DAW (which was FL Studio 20 at the time). However, I've felt like I could've done a better job mastering these songs, so I wanted to do a remaster for a very, very, VERY long time. So here we are, nearly 5 years since the album's release, I present you "Snow Energy: ReEnergized" All 17 songs remastered and for the very first time available on YouTube. That's right! The original was a Bandcamp only release and only "Control" got uploaded to YouTube. However, the ENTIRE remaster is available on both Bandcamp and YouTube now! I really hope you enjoy the remastered edition of this old but still good album.

17 track album
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