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Artist: ZOiD + Seo Release Title: Butterlies EP Release Date: March 8th 2024 Label: Zoitrax Cat no: ZTX036

Butterflies EP is a collaboration between Irish electronic jazz producer ZOiD and prolific Nigerian vocalist/producer Seo.

They first worked together on ZOiD’s 2022 album ZONGS where Seo co-wrote and guested on the track “What Has It Come”.

For their 2024 EP, they co-wrote 2 originals, BuBerflies and Divine Timing, with ZOiD supplying the beats and produc#on and Seo cooking up signature melodies and lyrics.

There are two different mixes of Butterflies, the original and the GRGY Mix, a more club focused version.

There are also two cover versions: Rememo, originally by Kings of Leon, which perfectly suits Seo’s sultry vocals. And the Burt Bacharach classic Walk On By, with a weird wonky reggae electronic feel.

Also in Alternative, Electronica, IDM, Soul & UK Garage