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I have a difficult time making music that is just plain dark. I've made many attempts but that's not what comes out of me. Even my more experimental work, or things that might be considered "unpleasant" end up having a glimmer of hope, or a hint of a rich and inviting texture. It's my way of letting the listener know that even if things might be out of control or chaotic, things are still generally alright. I need a reminder of that myself sometimes.

Whispers is an exploration in the dark and strange aspects of my music. Less ambient and more groove oriented, similar to my past work under the Supply Fi moniker. You'll hear some acoustic drums, tuned percussion, sequenced noise patterns, electroacoustic Easter eggs, tiny desktop synths, and of course my antique upright piano.

credits released February 20, 2022

Written, Performed, Produced & Mastered by Michael Southard Artwork by George Ernst

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