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2021 was a tough year for me creatively. Most of the music I released was carried over from 2020. Between freelance mastering, my work with Triplicate Records, and spending time with my family, I found it difficult to get the creative juices flowing. However, I was able to make some much needed improvements in my studio and figure out a workflow that meshes with my process.

So here we are in 2022 and I seem to be on top of things enough to dive in and start creating. "Waves" is the first 4 track EP of a series of (hopefully) many that I plan to make this year. These tracks are somewhat raw and immediate, capturing the magic and keeping that record button on.

Instruments used: Steel Tongue Drum Antique Upright Piano Ukulele Wood Flute Ellitone Multi Synth Modal Electronics Skulpt SE Hyve Synth Kalimba Glockenspiel Contact Microphones + Random Things

released January 21, 2022

Written, Performed, Produced & Mastered by Michael Southard Artwork by George Ernst

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