Another World EP
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After his stunning remix for us last year we were eager to get the legend that is Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O back on the label with some original material.

Having recorded seminal tracks as Tricky Disco for Warp Records, as G.T.O. for Mute and React, releases on Rising High, Go Bang and Earache. He is behind the hardcore act Technohead whose million selling single 'I Wanna be a Hippy' was number one in several countries. Michael has also produced under the guises of Church of Extacy, John & Julie, Signs of Chaos, S.O.L.O. and is also one half of the pioneering experimental & Industrial electronic group Greater Than One, recording two Albums for the legendary Chicago label Wax Trax. He has been in the U.K. top 40 under 3 different aliases, his music is featured in films, documentaries and T.V. Awarded a Palme d'or de Cannes, he has a B.A in Graphic Design, an M.A. in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art and is a proud scouser and Liverpool supporter. Michael continues producing art works and digital Paintings. Presently working on Techno Tracks under the guise Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. and Hardcore as Technohead, remixing, collaborating and producing with a variety of Artists.

Labels he has released with include: React, Mute, Wax Trax, Warp, XL, Rising High, Kompakt, Pure Dope Digital, Dolma Rec, UKR, Mokum, Earache, Hard Electronic / IndustrialStrength, Resilient, Refined Format, Rave Muzik, Hydraulix and Dataflow.

And here he is with the stunning three track EP Another World.

You're gonna love this.

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