Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga Special Edition

Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga Special Edition
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DJ Omnimaga's second power metal album, following Tales of the Knight of the Moon as 2nd album. Originally released on December 31st 2013, it was re-released as Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga Special Edition on August 2nd 2014, which includes the single called Unfinished.

After releasing TotKotM, I discovered another electronic power metal artist named Albion ( Because my music making tends to be a bit inspired from what I listen to and that I love this artist's work, you might notice that certain songs on this second album (especially the first) have a bit of influence from his style at times.

Hope you enjoy!

2014 DJ Omnimaga Music. Special thanks to Codemasters, Jester Interactive and Tim Wright (CoLD SToRAGE) for creating the MTV Music Generator series that allowed me to make most of my music.

14 track Album
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