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The starting points for musical inspiration are many and varied. The following contributed to the creation of this music..

a visit to hiroshima, the peace park and museum; a profoundly moving experience. reading “hiroshima” by john hersey. then the thoughts of the subsequent cold war and the years of knife edge diplomacy amid the spectre of Mutually Assured Destruction. subsequent readings on nuclear physics and the development of peaceful atomic solutions - the promise for the future. the track titles came from these readings and from one of my teaching colleagues, many years ago, whose husband worked at CERN.

instruments, equipment and software used include..

korg wavestate, modal 001, null.modular eurorack, phonogene, empress zoia euroburo, warwick fretless bass, strymon nightsky, tocante karper and some help from omnisphere and sinevibes hollow.

occasional warble and tape hiss courtesy of uher 4000 report monitor tape recorder.

cover photograph : itsukashima shrine, miyajima, hiroshima

samples : short wave numbers stations / heavily altered radio /

promotional films by tony adamo

music, photography, layout and production : tony adamo © tony adamo arr. recorded july 2022 / february 2023, the.backroom, stourbridge. a production © 2023