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Eloise Monk - See Her

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Eloise Monk - See Her EP.

Ritmical minimal house or micro house is what we got here. An EP where the artist goes for very danceable minimal house, See Her is the title of the opening track, a classic minimal f9r the dancing floor, with female voices on backwards inside al the rítmica elements taken from the usual sources of micro house. Bunny Stuff is the best example how the artist approach the micro house resources, made by little audio cuts and then taken to the groove box to be played on the dance floor. Dias que No, is the B side opening. Keeps the minimal house techno concept, with both male and female voices and a main female who declares "There are rains who does not boder me" . "Hay lluvias que no me molestan" in a sexy way, while the music reminds some oceanic island on a summer night. Things To Be Loved is the last track, a funky bass line and a funky groove over all, whole shie and he exclaims "things to be loved" mixed with a funky melody.

Genere: Minimal House, Minimal Techno, Clicks & Cuts, Micro House.

Mastered by Paulo Cominotti at

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