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Acid Division (IT) Born in 1989 in Torino (Italy) he grew up with bread and heavy-metal. As a teen he started playing electric guitar for some years but in 2003 his constant research of alternative cultures led him to punk-hardcore and then to his first free party where he heard a member of Acid Drop play and was immediately stuck on underground-tekno vibes and hypnotic acid lines. Thus he started approaching electronic composition until eventually in 2007 he started to play live as Acid Division as a member of Morphinic Melodies Acme, a "crew" of young friends united by passion for experimental and ambient techno which paused in 2009. He continued his research as an independent, playing tribe-mental and acid tekno but also studying several genres like breakbeat, ambient, dub and making hip-hop beats. Since 2011 he played acid and mental-core around Italy and Europe on line-ups with international artists like Unit Moebius, Signal Electrique, Hesed, Teknoseeker, Sparks, Whiteman, Vikkei, Tommers , NZ42, Penn-ak and many more and with sound systems like Acid Drop,Tribe Unitz, Sabotaz, Kimo, Crustek, Neurogamik and many others.

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