Naivety Clutches Tears

Naivety Clutches Tears
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Artist - Behappy Album - N/A currently Track - Naivety Clutches Tears Genre - Experimental Black Metal/Noise Year - 2023

Lyrics extract

Terror of numbed meandering Settling the scores of ego's near departed Vessels cracked barely hold a specter But entry is easy nonetheless Who then occupies what lay neglected At the side of its despondent owner Relegated to a mere passer by Watching itself wither A whore knowing nothing Saves what was learned Merely for degradation Pasted over conscious remorse Shit staining the fabric of failure That grand tapestry Bearing the fruitless tree Of your life Near uprooted And reaching desperately Towards the earth Laying dead be reprieve at least Standing Alone Dry husk of what was promised Mere veneer of vitality Drowned by rain meant to quench Unable to savor the offering So freely given Where to withdraw then From that which sustains In acknowledgement of unworthiness. You look don't look good to me I can hear your dreaming Strung out in an abyss Chthonic urges in resistance Compel what could not pass To fill holes once dug into itself With whatever had remained Since Leaving nothing but the broken In perpetual recovery Clutching on to what had seemingly gone With such veracity It begets existence Or any move from the moment Forever to be embraced Laying in the studied projection of What could have been so much Erasing with a censor's ease The inconvenient truth of times arrival Yet alone its departure. The moment drags on alongside you A tether to the greater idea, Before cracks had needed patching; Now the chain which binds what crumbles. Driven nails sap the strength Purpose merely to hold firm All upheld in resistance To forces beyond my scope Seemingly amassed for betrayal Senses lose their charm as they sharpen, attuned to a devil's symphony Frequenting the somber misery of coming impartiality Revert then, in desperation Music and lyrics - Behappy Drums by Filip_Gaddnas

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