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  • Title:
    [Ambient] In The Head of Theodore Kaczynski
  • Release Date:
    27 Sep 23
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It was after reading his pamphlet "Industrial Society and its Future" that I felt the need to create this suite of pieces. Ambient, because we're going to wander through this atypical brain. What was going on in there? And how do we try to capture that in sound? That's what I've tried to recreate in this triptych in a sonic and poetic way; a journey to the heart of Theodore Kaczynski's thought.

Part One: Left Brain: Concepts

Rigid structures and concepts / Rationality and intellectual constructs / Almost mathematical precision, reasoning and analysis / Mental library, mechanisms, rigour and logic / Building.

Part Two: Right Hemisphere: Emotions

Psyche / Creative chaos and deep emotions / Intuitions and visions: the imaginary / Kaleidoscope of emotions: finding a way through the veil of reality / Creative energy, dreams and deep desires / Distant memories and culture, the shores of imagination.

Part Three: Balancing Opposites: Paradoxical Commands

The final part of this triptych explores the complex interactions between the two hemispheres of the brain, uniting the analytical left hemisphere with the intuitive right hemisphere: like a tale of union in creative disorder, a chaotic fusion of two worlds in conflict. There is no harmony here. On the contrary, it's a tumult of sound, entropy reigns, sounds get tangled up; and yet, within this apparent disorder, a singular form of unity emerges: the attempt to recreate an improbable harmony in the disorder that is life.

The text in English:

Mix & mastering : ZonderBox

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