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Digital Album
Includes high-quality mp3, wav & flac downloads.

All pieces spontaneously composed and performed by:

Ray Cipolla: Drums Gerhard Lallinger: Bass Udo Gerhards: Keys Credits:

Produced by RCV Productions

Mixed by Ray Cipolla & Udo Gerhards

Cover painting "Das Ding auf der Schwelle" by Peter Frohmader

Cover design by Ulrich Miksa

Live audio engineer: Michi Greger

Live photos: Volker Derlath

Many thanks to the team of Kulturkeller Westend, esp. Günther Klingler and Michi Greger.

As some of you might know, our long-time friend and bandmate Peter Frohmader died suddenly and unexpectedly in May of 2022. But we, the three remaining Nekropolis members Ray, Gerhard and Udo kept making music together after Peter's passing.

A couple of months ago we organized a memorial concert for Peter, close to the one year anniversary of his passing (and his birthday as well). There, three bands connected to Peter played - among them Nekropolis '22, which is the name of the new trio formed by the former Nekropolis members (named so with the blessing of Peter's widow Antje). We were able to multi-track record our performance at this concert and the recording turned out so well that we decided to make a release out of it.

As for the music itself, it is completely improvised. But fear not! This is neither free jazz noodling nor jam rock. We still try to practice what Peter liked to call "spontaneous composition": Improvisations that have structure and lead somewhere (of course there's some jazzy stuff in there, but also Hammond Organ, Mellotron and more). And I think we were quite lucky to have recorded a gig where we came quite close to this goal, IMHO. This paired with the excellent sound quality of the multi-track recordings resulted in this release. Special thanks go out to the live engineer Michi Greger and to Uli Miksa for the cover design!