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Originally released on CD by Opa-Loka Records, in Germany. It included a second CD offering a 50+ minute live + an electroacoustic composition...

An hommage to Philip K. Dick’s « Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep ». A series of collaborations paying tribute to science-fictional aesthetics, imagery, and futuristic approach at least in its concrete approach and desire to break genre limitations… Science-Fiction and its quest to solve the unexplained has always been stimulating the imagination of Men, allowing to project into possible futures… Space and the unknown. Science… Fiction… An exploration of inner spaces, cinematic dreams, “forbidden planets »…

  1. The Journey Vox Continental Organ + Cymbalom + Electric Psalterion + Cello + Arp 2600 +Turntablism & Fingernail Rubbings by Chantal Rouet

  2. Landing - Immersion Moog Modular System 55 + Vox Continental Organ

  3. Encounters of the 6th kind... Buchla Easel - The Electric Music Box

  4. A night with three moons Buchla Easel + Moog Model 12 + Theremin

  • Grand Piano + Percs + Prepaired Vinyls / Turntablisms + Processed Voices/Choir + Guitar
  1. Return to tomorrow... Is this the end? Wurlitzer + Percs + Electric Psalterion + Piano
  • RSF Expander Kobol + Roland Fantom G6 + Mini- moog Model D + Turntablism + Guitar + Cymbalom

In search of a personal sound: sequencing color, forms and range, disrupting timbre and harmonics, de-uniting the principles of horizontality (melody) and those of verticality (chords), modulating a “perpetual timbric movement » always in mutation, a sound of both substance and shadow, a voyage into a new dimension: a Twilight Zone.