Be Mine / Not Just Nothing

Be Mine / Not Just Nothing
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Subrix embarked on their music production journey at 16, experimenting with Reason and Fruity Loops. Their early work spanned hip hop, DnB, trance, and house.

Influenced by Adam F and captivated by liquid DnB's emotional resonance, Subrix delved into the genre, drawing inspiration from Calibre, London Elektricity, and High Contrast.

A passion for evoking emotions and meaning through music led Subrix to specialize in crafting soulful, liquid DnB. Yet, their creativity knows no bounds, extending to heavier DnB and boldly experimental sounds that defy norms.

With an evolving approach that blends genres and pushes boundaries, Subrix continues to leave an impression on Drum & Bass's ever-shifting landscape.

Dive into the experimental and enigmatic world of "Be Mine." This track is a noisy bass exploration that challenges traditional musical boundaries. The composition evolves with every beat, progressing through a series of intriguing notations that keep you engaged and curious. Amidst the chaos of the experimental elements, heavy rolling drums create a foundation of controlled chaos, driving the rhythm with an unyielding force. Atmospheric pads soar above the madness, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the organized chaos. "Be Mine" is an audacious and daring soundscape that defies expectations and beckons you to embrace the unconventional.

Prepare for a sonic journey through the shadows with "Not Just Nothing." This track is a gritty roller that unleashes a hypnotic assault on your senses. A tunnel warping bass takes centre stage, contorting and twisting your mind as it drives the rhythm forward. The pulsating energy of the bass is supported by a relentless beat that propels the track forward, creating a sense of unstoppable momentum. Brace yourself for a dynamic experience that combines raw intensity with mind-bending soundscapes.

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