Into Exile

Into Exile
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For the first time on CD, Michael Davis' "Tactical Module" brings his unique combination of Digital Hardcore, Industrial and Metal to the widest audience so far.

With clean-cut vocals providing an angsty nod to the Punk genre, "Into Exile" provides something truly hostile. Mad Capsule MARKETS playing with Ministry in a battle for anger, while Alec Empire and Cubanate have an Arm Wrestle in the crowd. Litter this with Synths and Bass Drops, and Tactical Module is born.


"Into Exile is an exciting and richly rewarding provocateur, a release showing the ever evolving and increasing strength of Davis’ songwriting and its striking realisation through Tactical Module." 8.5/10 - Ringmaster Magazine.

70/100 - Peek-a-Boo Magazine (

"The album blends the metal elements with a a more well-rounded harsh ebm style and incorporates ambient and even dubstep elements throughout that will appeal to fans of the likes of Cubanate, System:FX and Be My Enemy. " - Intravenous Mag ( more credits released October 11, 2014

All Music and Lyrics Written by Michael Davis Mastering by Sander Kapper at Stahlblack Productions Artwork by DJ/VJ Psyklon Aeon at Psyklon Industries license all rights reserved

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