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Steven Flynn shows his captivating prowess in the realm of melodic techno with his debut release on Argentinian Label Hexagonal Music. This release seamlessly blends hypnotic basslines with ethereal synthesizers, creating an entrancing atmosphere that is sure to captivate listeners from the very first beats. Flynn's production skills shine through, as he crafts a pulsating rhythms that form the backbone of the Ep.

The basslines are nothing short of sublime, driving both tracks forward with a relentless energy that are both powerful and entrancing. The layered synths paint a vivid sonic landscape that ebbs and flows with allure. Flynn's keen sense of melody is evident throughout, as he weaves intricate patterns that dance and interlock with the driving beat.

In his debut release for Hexagonal Music, Steven establishes himself as a new force to be reckoned with in the melodic techno scene. His ability to marry driving basslines with evocative synthesizers showcases a level of artistry that is truly impressive.

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