Kitchen Raver 2 EP
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James Black Presents is back with another trio of Techno bangers inspired by his weekly Sunday Twitch Livestream, imaginatively named Kitchen Raver 2! 3 original tracks on this EP from the Brighton-based producer DJ, all offering something completely different!

We open proceedings with 'Bring It Back' - where its rave stabs, cheeky samples and a triple-step breakdown! With a huge rolling bassline ready to destroy bass bins, this a cheeky little workout to get you warmed up, a sound associated with the last Kitchen Raver EP!

The second track is a slower, more twisted affair. The groove is dirty and the acid is pure filth. Lovingly titled 'The Acid Man' and inspired by Fatboy Slim, its crafted to get your hand wobbling as if it were made of jelly. A crossover of Techno and Tech House, destined to pleased both parties! Shower needed after this one! 'YOU COULDN'T HANDLE THIS SHT ON STRONG ACID - tease the BPM for extra wobble!

The third track is the knockout punch! 'Dangerously Violent' does exactly what it says on the tin. 140bpm of drilling Techno straight through your skull and into your nervous system. Intense, and a fitting way to round off the Kitchen Raver 2 EP - keep an eye out for James Black Present's future endevours!

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